Ahalia Heritage Village
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  • Museum - A museum that will celebrate the past, try to imagine the promise of the future and thereby place the present in perspective.
  • Archive - The fact of the matter is, we take what pitiful knowledge we have for granted, and then forget to save it. Here we plan to do exactly the opposite- save the present and the past, for the coming generations
  • Studio
  • Gallery - Art is universal. And the universe can be viewed through great art. A gallery of great art to savour.
  • Cinema - Like in theatre, Indian cinema has been acclaimed world over for its originality. Commercialism has ruined a lot of the aura that once was, but in choosing carefully and encouraging the right talents, nothing is beyond saving.
  • Literature
  • Photography
  • Fellowship - for artists from any stream of art to conduct in depthstudy of theCultural Heritage